An insight into the health of the magazine publishing industry in the USA compiled by Inquiry Management Systems
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1) All columns are sortable. Clicking on up arrow () will sort column in ascending order. Clicking on down arrow () will sort column in descending order.

2) To aid in comparing data the sorted column will automatically be highlighted in yellow as will the other two corresponding columns.

3) By clicking on the date drop-down boxes found at the top of the table you are able to select the range parameters of the data.

4) By clicking on the appropriate radio button found just below the date selection drop-down boxes you can view either all of the magazines in our database at the moment or you can restrict your request to just those titles that appear in both this period and last period. Note: it is important that you read the warning boxes that will automatically appear when either radio button is clicked.

5) Clicking on the name of any market in the left hand column will bring up the titles of the magazines in the IMS database included in the data for the market selected.

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