An insight into the health of the magazine publishing industry in the USA compiled by Inquiry Management Systems
  Inquiry Management Systems

The Magazine Health Watch® is a database of advertising activity that takes place in both business-to-business and consumer magazines that are monitored by IMS. This database is updated daily and reflects the data collected the previous day.

The make-up of the database changes to reflect revised publishing schedules, new titles that IMS adds every month as well as the titles that may be dropped; titles are dropped from the database because they cease publication, or enter into mergers or consolidations. Also, we may cease monitoring titles for business reasons.

Caution should be used when using Magazine Health Watch® to compare one selected period to another. Given the methodology used to create Magazine Health Watch® the best statistic to use when making these kinds of comparisons is the ‘Pages Per Issue’ columns that take into account the changes in the make-up of the database outlined above.

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